My Review of Uplift Food

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Disclosure: Uplift Food sent me the product in this review to try for free. This fact did not influence my review in any way. My review is based solely upon my own opinions and experience with the product.

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We always hear about the importance of probiotics and their ties to a healthy immune system and gut health. It’s easy to find supplements and products on the market boasting the benefits of probiotics. 

But if you’re currently taking probiotics you might not be getting the full benefits unless you choose a product that contains prebiotics as well.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are a form of good bacteria and/or yeast that resides in your body. Without these beneficial organisms all of our bodily systems would suffer! Probiotics are commonly known for the role they play in gut health but they can also affect our mood, skin, immune system, and even our sleep!

What are prebiotics?

Prebiotics are basically a food source for probiotics, helping to ensure they do their job and provide all the health benefits we have come to expect when we take a probiotic supplement. Prebiotics are found in fruits and vegetables that contain complex carbohydrates such as fiber and resistant starches. 

Basically, probiotics have benefits when taken alone, but they definitely work better when taken with prebiotics! If you choose to take a probiotic supplement, make sure you choose one that contains both to supercharge the benefits.

This is where Uplift Food’s Daily Uplifter comes in!

Uplift Food was founded in 2018 by gut health expert and dietician Kara Landau. Uplift Food aims to educate consumers about the importance of prebiotics in gut health and mood support and offers some awesome products to help individuals meet those needs.

The Daily Uplifter, according to Uplift Food’s website, is an Organic Plant Based Vanilla Prebiotic Fiber + Resistant Starch Digestion + Mood Powder

It contains ingredients such as organic pea protein, organic green banana flour, tapioca fiber, and more beneficial ingredients that aim to boost mood and improve gut health!

The powder contains 38% of your daily Vitamin D and 10% of your daily magnesium, both of which are lacking in many American diets. It also boasts 5g of plant-based protein per serving.

Along with being free of any artificial ingredients, the Daily Uplifter is also:

And one of the best things about this powder is that you aren’t limited to mixing it with liquids.

From smoothies to muffins, you can find a new way everyday to take your Daily Uplifter!

So what do I think about the Daily Uplifter? 

I’m loving it!

Honestly, as soon as I opened the bag I knew it was going to be a winner it smells just like vanilla cake mix! 

And as someone who may have veered slightly off track diet-wise during this whole pandemic (hello, quarantine snacks!) I definitely felt a difference after a few days of taking this daily. 

The Daily Uplifter definitely does the job when it comes to gut health which is so important for our overall well-being! Our digestive system is designed to work very closely with our other bodily systems, so if our digestive system is having trouble it can cause some serious issues with our other systems.

For example, our digestive system works closely with our circulatory system to distribute nutrients throughout the body. A malfunctioning digestive system could interfere with this process.

Not only that, but according to the American Psychological Association, our digestive system produces about 95 percent of our serotonin supply which has a direct impact on our mood and psychological health!

The thing I loved the most was that I could add it to just about anything – which is also handy when you have picky toddlers! I loved that I could add this to some of their favorite treats (like muffins!) and they would eat it up without a clue.

So would I recommend the Daily Uplifter?


I mean, a happy tummy is enough to make anyone feel good right? 

Order your Daily Uplifter now!