Why You Shouldn’t Try Keto

Keto is one of the world’s latest diet crazes. It boasts quick, substantial weight loss while allowing dieters to continue eating many of their favorite low-carb foods. But there is one big controversy surrounding the Keto diet – is it healthy?

Are Cleanses and Detoxes Beneficial?

Cleanses and detoxes typically claim to improve your digestive health, increase your energy levels, improve your mental state, remove toxins and impurities from your body, and maybe even help you drop a few pounds. But the question remains… are detoxes and cleanses actually beneficial?

Why You Should Try Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is something that I had never really considered trying before. But a few months after a major surgery that I had last year I began experiencing some symptoms that I felt might be related to my lymphatic system. I did a little research and came across dry brushing! WHAT IS DRY BRUSHING? Dry …

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Plant-Based, Vegetarian, or Vegan?

Sometimes the terms plant-based, vegetarian, and vegan are used interchangeably even though they are very different things. You can be plant-based without being vegetarian or vegan. You can even be vegetarian or vegan without being plant-based.

Easy DIY Natural Deodorant

If you’re like me, you’ve sworn off “traditional” chemical and toxin-laden deodorants for good! Traditional deodorant contains all kinds of bad stuff like parabens, aluminum, phthalates, and triclosan just to name a few. These chemicals have been linked to many health problems including cancer and Alzheimer’s. It’s no wonder so many are making the switch!

Early Introduction of Allergenic Foods

In early 2019 the American Academy of Pediatrics changed its guidelines and recommended that parents begin introducing highly allergenic foods to their infants as early as four to six months of age. They stress this recommendation especially for children at high risk of food allergies, such as those with a family history of allergies or those with severe eczema.

My Review of Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen is a meal service that provides convenient ready-made meals for all kinds of diets and lifestyles! Read my review here.

10 Sneaky Ways to Get Your Toddler to Eat Veggies

Anyone with a toddler knows that they can go through some pretty picky phases when it comes to food. A common phase is refusing to even touch their veggies. Thankfully, there are some easy tricks to make sure your kiddo is getting all the nutrients they need! Here are ten sneaky ways to get your toddler to eat their veggies.

10 Reasons You’re Always Tired

Do you always feel exhausted no matter how much sleep you get? If so, you’re not alone. In one study from the National Sleep Foundation, 72 percent of Americans admitted to feeling fatigued multiple days per week.